10-12-2021 v2
Updated to create a quote order Creating quote order
03-11-2021 v2
Added a new DELETE webhook endpoint to delete a webhook Deleting a webhook
03-11-2021 v2
Added a new GET webhooks endpoint to retrieve webhook information Retrieving your webhooks
15-04-2021 v2
Added the ability to create test orders.
22-10-2020 v2
Added company as an optional field under Address while creating order.
18-10-2021 v2
We released Events and Webhook Subscription as a beta version.
23-11-202 v2
Removed note field from order object for create order endpoint.
20-10-2020 v2

housenumber field under Address while creating order is a mandatory field now and blank spaces cannot be passed from now on.

country field under ‘’Address`` now will accept only valid country to ship the order. Address

09-10-2020 v2
Added a new endpoint to add a file to an orderline Adding file call. /api/{orderlineId}/files
15-09-2020 V2
Added the customer discount field to the response of the retrieve order information call. /api/orders/{orderId} or /api/orders/{orderUuid}
11-09-2020 v1
Version v1 of the api is shutdown.
27-08-2020 v2
Added the promised arrval date field to the response of the validate product call. /api/products/{sku}
05-08-2020 v2
We set max length limit for reference and poNumber fields to 35 characters in create order API.
09-03-2020 v2
We updated our internal systems and have made some changes to the API. We released our API V2 as a beta version.
21-12-2018 v1
When an order creation failed, you now receive an 404 result, with an error message that the order creation has failed. Orders that failed before this date and time will have a 404 not found response.